Organizing PDFs with the PDF24 Creator

The PDF24 Creator can organize PDF files page by page. Complex tasks such as changing text or inserting pictures are not possible. To learn what can you do with the PDF24 Creator, click here.

Page by page PDF organization with the PDF24 Creator

With the PDF24 Creator you can organize PDF files by page. You can delete pages or insert, move, extract and rotate pages. Changing the page content (text and images, etc.) is not possible.

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The PDF Format is not designed to be edited

The PDF format was developed intended to exchange documents. The intention was a document format that can be displayed equally regardless of a program or operating system. With this design decision it is not that possible to change the contents of a PDF page. A PDF is the final result which can be displayed anywhere. Therefore it is very suitable as a file exchange format. As a word processor or a place to write letters a PDF is not that good, because reading a PDF and reconstructing information is not possible since there is no structural information to begin with.

The correct way

Write your documents and letters in a word processor such as Word or other Office applications. These files can later be opened and edited again. If you want to publish, print or share your file with other people then you should export or convert your document to a PDF. This is because the PDF can opened by anyone and the PDF looks the same everywhere.

Alternatief: meer dan 25 gratis online PDF-apps

Als je op zoek bent naar specifieke en snelle oplossingen voor specifieke PDF-problemen, neem dan eens een kijkje naar de PDF24 online PDF-tools, die je voorzien van een hele reeks toepassingen die rechtstreeks werken in je browser. Je moet deze programmas’s niet installeren, je moet enkel naar de individuele apps gaan en deze direct gebruiken.

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